What CSV file / Excel format should I use when provisioning accounts in bulk on Workplace?

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When provisioning accounts in bulk, we suggest you use the following formats:
Field DescriptionTypeRequired
EmailThe work email address for the employee. The value of this field needs to be unique for each employee Text Yes
First NameThe first name of the employee Text Yes
Last NameThe last name of the employee Text Yes
Job TitleThe employee's job title Text No
DepartmentThe department where the employee worksTextNo
Phone NumberThe employee's work phone number. Each phone number must be a valid international number including country code (ex: +1 232 823 2233)Text No
LocationThe office location of where the employee works TextNo
LocaleThe abbreviation for the default language that should be set for this employee. If not specified, their default language will be set to English (US) (en_US). You can find a full list of valid abbreviations at Facebook Locales TextNo
Manager EmailThe email address of the employee's direct manager Text No
Division The division the employee works in TextNo
OrganizationThe organization the employee works in Text No
Start Date The date on which an employee joined an organization Date (YYYY-MM-DD) No
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