Guest accounts on Workplace

Group admins can invite users as guest accounts using personal or professional email addresses. Guest accounts enable you to continue to collaborate with people who are outside of your Workplace. This includes people with or without an existing Workplace. Guests in your Workplace will only be able to access content in the groups they are added to. They will not have access to your entire Workplace.
Guest users can also use the Chat feature on Workplace. They can only chat with users with whom they share groups. They cannot contact everyone in your Workplace.
Example guest users are:
  • Contractors
  • Agencies
  • Suppliers
  • Vendors
Difference between groups with guest accounts and multi-company groups
When guest access is enabled, nobody in your Workplace can create new multi-company groups (MCGs). Existing multi-company groups will continue to work as normal. Each organization manages the data for guests in their Workplace groups.
When MCGs are enabled, nobody in your Workplace can enable guest access in groups or invite new guests to your Workplace. Existing groups with guest access enabled will continue to work as normal. Organizations using MCGs are free to agree upon the ownership of data in the MCG.
You can select either guest accounts or multi-company groups for your organization’s external collaboration and change this setting at any time.
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